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High Throughput Screening

High Throughput Screening

Identify Small Molecule Drug Leads

Drug discovery is the process by which small molecule drug leads are identified through high-throughput screening (HTS), fragment screening, and performing hit verification and confirmation. Medicinal chemistry is then used to optimize these drug leads. With automation platforms and RapidFire/MS solutions, Agilent is helping companies with high throughput applications such as lead discovery and ADME.

Mass spectrometry-based assays offer several advantages over the more traditional high throughput screening assays, used both for first-pass high throughput library screening, as well as for secondary validation assays. Mass spectrometry offers a label-free approach to obtain a direct readout of a desired biochemical reaction, while providing analytical selectivity from potential interference's that may result in assay artifacts using other approaches. Mass spectrometry is also well suited to native protein targets, targets for which there are no available antibodies, or targets that are otherwise intractable through traditional high throughput screening assays. Agilent’s RapidFire technology enables mass spectrometry-based screening at seconds per sample, therefore enabling the screening of several thousand samples. This speed of analysis also facilitates the short turn-around times needed to help guide drug discovery projects.

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