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Small Molecules

Small Molecules

Small Molecules

Increase efficiency across the discovery and development pipeline

The discovery and development of drug compounds presents significant challenges for pharmaceutical companies. As the cost of bringing new drugs to market has grown over the past several years there is increased pressure to drive greater efficiency and productivity throughout the development cycle and reduce the time it takes to bring a new drug to market.

This has driven the need to rapidly evaluate potential candidate compounds and to assess their effectiveness as therapeutic drugs. Automated analytical tools are essential for large scale drug candidate assessment and development. From automated systems for compound identification which can be used by the synthetic or medicinal chemist in early discovery, to sophisticated high sensitivity LC-MS systems to support ADME/PK studies.

The stringent requirements of the development and manufacturing process rely on analytical LC for ensuring drug purity and monitoring of impurities which may arise during production. All of this operating in a mode that allows users to be confident they will meet necessary compliance procedures. Agilent understands these needs and is partnering with pharma companies to support their analytical need for answers and not just data. As industry needs evolve, Agilent is working to bring the technology and software to market that help drive greater efficiency and productivity across the discovery and development pipeline.

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