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Materials Research & Development

Materials Research & Development

Efficient and Flexible Analysis for Materials Testing and Research

Efficient, flexible analysis for materials research across a wide range of chemistries and manufacturing materials requires a full range of capabilities and instrumentation. Accurate and reliable information are essential for chemical analysis in basic research and fast, efficient analysis is vital to the speed and economy of material manufacturing.

The industry-leading capabilities of Agilent’s Cary Series UV-Vis-NIR instruments deliver unprecedented flexibility in the analysis of advanced materials. Our accurate, stable and robust instruments quickly deliver actionable results for manufacturing and process testing, ensuring your operations maintain productivity and output quality.

Our easy to use range of advanced technology, including GC/MS, ICP-MS and FTIR instruments, delivers the sensitivity needed for the analysis of composite materials, purity testing and advanced material research. In addition, automation solutions and accessories ensure increased efficiency and robust performance in every application.