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The threat of domestic biological and chemical attacks has led to an urgent call for fast, flexible and highly accurate response solutions. Fortunately, with our expertise in chemical and biological detection, Agilent Technologies offers a full-range of applicable techniques using leading-edge instrumentation. Agilent is a world-class provider of analysis equipment, suitable for deployment in both fixed laboratories and mobile units. Agilent has developed rapid-response analytical strategies useful in defense against domestic terrorism. These same solutions are proven and used in labs worldwide to monitor our food, water, soil and air for incidental contamination by industrial pollutants or harmful microbes.If you are involved in the detection of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA), Biological Warfare Agents (BWA), Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC), or in the monitoring of food, air, soil and water, Agilent has a fast, flexible and reliable solution to meet your needs.

Liquid Explosive Detection - Aviation Security

Safe, Accurate and Rapid screening of containers for detection of hazardous substances

Biological Warfare Agents

High-Precision Biological Warfare Agent Analysis in the Field or Laboratory

Chemical Warfare Agents

Fast, Accurate and Actionable Analysis of Chemical Warfare Agents

Handheld Chemical Identification

Using SORS technology to identify hazardous material through sealed opaque containers

Toxic Industrial Chemicals

Detecting and Identifying Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs)