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Veterinary Drugs Screening

Veterinary Drugs Screening

Accurate Measurements of Veterinary Drugs in Foods of Animal Origins

Foods of animal origin are some of the most challenging for analytical chemists to investigate effectively, particularly for veterinary drugs. The complexity of the matrix and the number of pharmaceutical analogues demands a sophisticated approach to testing, and the different legislative requirements of various countries requires sample referencing that meets a wide variety of regulatory conditions.
In meeting this challenge, Agilent provides generic extraction protocols using LC/MS (including an LC/MS Veterinary Drug Application Kit) and GC/MS technologies that effectively detect a range of veterinary drugs, metabolites and transformation products in many of foods of animal origin. LC, SFC and GC techniques are also used to determine molecular components and advanced sample preparation ensures the efficiency of all techniques.
Protecting human health from banned substances (such as steroids), inappropriate regulated drugs or foods in which substances have exceeded recommended levels is an important issue.