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Hydraulic fracturing of shale formations is generating huge growth in Natural Gas and petrochemicals worldwide. Global markets also enable large widespread trading of natural gas as a bulk commodity, where prices are based on energy content.

Effective analysis solutions are vital, however, many traditional methods do not include capillary columns and electronic pressure control, resulting in less precise and efficient scans. New technology increases analysis precision, as well as, enabling measurements to be completed in typically less than 75 seconds. Electronic pressure, flow control, and capillary solutions, along with more sensitive detectors ensure simplified chromatographic design with less switching of valves and greater overall productivity. The Agilent 7890B GC also offers a simpler setup, faster analysis times of both hydrocarbon composition and impurity concentrations, and improved resolution and detection limits.

A range of pre-configured and factory-tested GC and MicroGC analyzers are available for quick implementation in laboratory and field analyses of gaseous and liquefied natural gas.

Featured Application Notes

High-Pressure Liquid Injection Device for the Agilent 7890A and 6890 Series Gas Chromatographs

Detailed Separation of C1-C5 Light Hydrocarbons on CP-Al2O3/Na2SO4

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Natural Gas Infographic

Fuel the global economy by meeting demands for quality natural gas products


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