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Cell Signaling

Cell Signaling

Cell Signaling

Critical to all forms of life is the ability of cells to temporally and spatially regulate cellular processes within their microenvironment in response to both physical and biochemical cues. Specific cell signaling pathways are commonly altered across a range of diseases, providing an opportunity for researchers to investigate and identify the biochemical targets involved and to develop therapeutic strategies.

Agilent Cell Analysis provides novel techniques to elucidate cell signaling pathways through:

  • Advanced NovoCyte flow cytometry methods, providing both population and single cell analysis of biomarkers and alteration of signaling pathways through post-translational modifications of intracellular proteins; and
  • xCELLigence real-time cell analysis (RTCA), which provides a highly sensitive and kinetic functional assay for assessment of receptor-mediated processes via the initial “sensing” events.

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