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Cardiovascular Research

Cardiovascular Research

Discover the power of Real-Time Cell Analysis in your cardiovascular research

Real-time, functional cell analysis measurements of cardiomyocytes provide novel and sensitive measurements for

  • Cardiac disease research to reveal critical pathways, and drug target identification and validation
  • Cardiosafety, cardiotoxicity, and drug screening to test both efficacy and toxicity of new therapeutic approaches
  • Cardiac- embryonic and induced-pluripotent stem cell disease modeling for preclinical safety assessment of compounds, and quality control of induced-pluripotent stem cells derived cardiomyocytes during manufacturing
xCELLigence® Cardio and CardioECR instruments provide a powerful and predictive measure of short- and long-term cardiac toxicity to inform early in drug development through multiplexing, and simultaneous measurements of contractility, electrophysiology and viability.

Seahorse XF and Soluble Metabolic Sensors MitoXpress & pH-Xtra provide a sensitive measure of energy pathways and requirements driving cardiovascular processes, and the source of ATP production to reveal mitochondrial dysfunction and cardiovascular disease.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.