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Apoptosis is a programmed and regulated process of cell death where cells activate specific intrinsic pathways that cause them to shrink, condense, and eventually be cleared by phagocytosis. Relative to necrotic cell death where cell membrane integrity is compromised, leading to cell injury and inflammation, apoptotic cell death is less destructive and limits disruption of nearby cells and tissue.

Agilent Cell Analysis provides novel approaches for real-time and quantitative measurement of cell death and distinguishes between the apoptotic and necrotic cell populations.

  • NovoCyte flow cytometry provides apoptosis assays that are highly sensitive, quantitative, compatible with many apoptotic dyes and reagents, and also automated.
  • The Agilent xCELLigence RTCA eSight utilizes, multimodal readout of cellular impedance and live cell imaging for continuous monitoring of immune cell- and drug-mediated apoptosis, capturing both early and long-term events over multiple days.

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