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Security & Privacy

Agilent provides a secure software solution with its iLab Operations Software. All data entered into iLab is wholly owned by the cores and institution administration. Data integrity, availability, and security is treated very seriously, ensuring no data loss as well as accessible, portable and usable data.

Presently, specific data related to Reporting and Billing can be downloaded directly from each core’s site. There are two locations within the system where any core administrator or institution administrator can download specific data.

Agilent keeps intellectual property safe and secure using state of the art technology. We work continuously with users to identify information-security needs, and with experts in hardware, application and network security to meet those needs. We protect against multiple types of security threats including:

  • Damage or unauthorized access to hardware
  • Buffer overflow attacks
  • Application or OS vulnerability and misconfiguration
  • Data malformation attacks, including SQL injection, and XSS
  • Session fixation attacks
  • Sniffing/eavesdropping
  • Network attacks