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Agilent follows a standardized implementation process designed to ensure a smooth transition and to fulfill each core research facilities’ unique requirements.

Implementation process (sample)

Customer-focused, result-driven principles guide the implementation of iLab.
  • Establish Goals – Our team works with our customers to clarify the challenges they face and the solutions they need from iLab.
  • Collaborate on an Implementation Process – We work collaboratively with new users to design an implementation plan based on defined goals and our experience with best practices in research and core facility management.
  • Show Measurable Benefits – We supply new users with hard data and user surveys so that customers know the benefits and savings that iLab provides.
  • Create Full Ownership – We work with both administrators and end-users to ensure that people at all levels of the institution understand and experience the benefits from the iLab system.
  • Ensure Satisfaction – We continuously monitor user satisfaction and seek to identify new opportunities for improvement.