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Agilent has an application programming interface (API) which enables customers to seamlessly integrate outside applications with iLab’s billing and reporting modules. This development is intended for groups who would like to use the API to deliver additional functionality. A sample application that authenticates against the API and performs simple price retrieval and updates is available as a learning resource. Please contact iLab at if you would like a copy of the sample application and to obtain your first sets of client ID and tokens.

The API is meant to support a number of workflows. Here is an example of what can be achieved.

  • The customer or core initiate a service request in iLab
  • The core reviews the request and provides a quote
  • The PI, Lab or Department administrators approve financials when required
  • The core begins to process the request and through the API downloads key files and data from custom forms that are required by equipment processing requests
  • Depending on experiments run, the core updates the quantity of service delivered in iLab through the API and adds any charges that were not included up front.
  • The core reviews the request, clicks ‘complete’ on the project in iLab and then creates a billing event with those charges at the end of the month