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Customer Support

Prompt, thorough and accessible support is a central element of the iLab service. Our dedicated Support Team strives to ensure all users have answers to their questions or challenges in an expedient and helpful manner. Unlimited support and assistance is available to all users, including facility personnel, administrators and end customers.

Researchers can access support through several avenues.

Online Support

iLab Support Team:
Vinod, Chris, & Jennifer

The iLab Support portal is accessible via the iLab system. Any account holder can leave feedback or ask questions of the iLab Support Team at any time by submitting a Support Ticket from their account. Answers to frequently asked questions and help resources are also available within the system.

Email Support

Unlimited access for all users. Available at

Telephone Support

Unlimited access for all users. +1.617.297.2805

Support Hours

Unlimited, live support available via online Support Ticket, phone, IM and email, daily 5pm Eastern US Sunday to 8:30pm Eastern US Friday.

Response Time

iLab Support guarantees replies within one business day; average response time is under two hours.