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Be Agilent Sure in Peptide Mapping

In biopharma, three questions are critical

  1. Are you sure?
  2. Are you absolutely sure?
  3. Are you Agilent sure?

No other company inspires the same level of confidence that Agilent does—with good reason. No other company has the same level of expertise in separation science.

Be Agilent sure in Peptide Mapping

Peptide mapping is vital to creating high-quality biotherapeutics. Agilent instruments, columns, databases, methods, and more ensure that every element of your peptide-mapping workflow performs as it should. You’ll be able to do less and get more done, without sacrificing precision.

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Sample prep

The Agilent AssayMAP Bravo Platform combines automated liquid handling with other work-saving enhancements for precise, reproducible peptide analysis.


Take advantage of the reliable, high performance Agilent 1290 Infinity II LC system, and get higher peak capacity for challenging separations with the 2D-LC solution.


Agilent’s AdvanceBio Peptide columns provide the speed, sensitivity, and efficiency you need to quickly confirm and identify target proteins and peptides.


Whether you are performing routine sequence confirmation, or faced with the challenge of hard-to-detect peptides, the 6545XT AdvanceBio LC/Q-TOF is ready and able to help.


The advanced data mining and processing tools in the Agilent MassHunter Software suite help you quickly and accurately extract all available information from your samples. What’s more, BioConfirm software can identify and confirm PTMs before you start expensive testing. MassHunter Walkup transforms mass spec from a limited-access service into an enabling tool that anyone can use.

The Agilent OpenLAB Chromatography Data System with MatchCompare software removes the subjectivity of human evaluation/comparison while reducing the complexity and time-consuming nature of data analysis.


Agilent CrossLab service plans care for your entire laboratory—with rapid on-site support, multivendor instrument service, remote instrument diagnostics, and more. Our expert engineers strive to provide insight, whether it is for instrument repairs, maintenance, compliance, or laboratory relocation—improving efficiency from one instrument to the entire lab.

Application Note

NEW Application Note: An Integrated Workflow for Peptide Mapping of Monoclonal Antibodies

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Peptide Mapping Solutions Resources: Application notes, brochures, guides, primers, and videos to help you achieve accurate, reproducible results.

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