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More Data More Possibilities

As mass spec detectors become more sensitive, you get more data than ever before. That’s good news! Now, finding ways to work with the data becomes as important as its acquisition. That’s where MassHunter makes MS even more powerful.

Scientists tell us they love MassHunter because it’s intuitive, working consistently in an integrated manner across all platforms and techniques to help with training and lab turnover. The MassHunter suite also includes powerful application-specific software, such as BioConfirm, personal compounds, databases and libraries (PCDLs), METLIN, and even integrates with third party software such as Skyline.

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MassHunter Qualitative Videos

All Ions Workflow
Personal Compounds Database and Libraries (PCDLs)
Adding Your Own Compound to a PCDL
Profinder Batch Analysis Workflow
Mass Profiler
Seamless Qualitative and Quantitative Workflow using All Ions
VistaFlux—Creating Visualization
VistaFlux—Data Processing
MassHunter Profinder and Mass Profiler Professional

MassHunter Quantitative Videos

Triggered MRM and Library Matching
Customized Reporting
MassHunter Quant Flat Table and Compounds-at-a-glance
Data Review: Batch-at-a-glance and Outliers
PDF Report Builder—Existing Templates and Column Edits
PDF Report Builder—Filtering and Ordering
Seamless Qualitative and Quantitative Workflow using All Ions
SureMass in Unkonwns Analysis
LC/TQ Integration
Agilent MassHunter Software: SureTarget

MassHunter Walkup Videos

Walkup with BioConfirm
MassHunter Walkup
MassHunter WalkUp System

MassHunter BioConfirm Videos

BioConfirm—Analyzing Intact Protein
BioConfirm—Analyzing Protein Digests
MassHunter BioConfirm Iterative MS/MS
MassHunter BioConfirm - Released Glycans

MassHunter Acquisition Videos

dMRM for GC-MS Acquisition
MassHunter Study Manager integration with Skyline

MassHunter for ICP-MS Videos

Single Nanoparticle Analysis by ICP-MS
Speciation Analysis by Hyphenated ICP-MS

What users tell us…

One of the great things about MassHunter is that you can walk up to a triple quad to do acquisition, and it’s the same software that you walk up to for the Q-TOF and even a GC/MS instrument. That really makes training a lot easier because we haven’t got different software for every different instrument.

Dr. Nicolas Taylor, LC/MS User, Molecular Acclimation Laboratory,
Arc Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology, University of Western Australia

We work with QC analyses that involves tracking 40 parameters, looking at a sequence of 10 samples at a time… before, we had to go sample by sample, data file by data file to evaluate the sequence… Now, with MassHunter, we have created one customized overview screen that enables us to scroll parameter by parameter all the QCs for the full sequence very quickly.

Dr. Armand Verbueken, GC/MS User, Bayer,
Antwerp, Belgium Environmental Testing Lab

At the American games in Mexico, having an option like Compounds-at-a-Glance made it very easy to detect which compounds are positive. Also, having the capability to customize our reporting is very important because we are continuously adding new compounds to the methods and we need to incorporate new windows to the reporting plate.

Dr. Josep Marcos, LC/MS User, the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona

The MPP software is very, very user-friendly. Step-by-step, I learned quite easily on my own. So many possibilities to give meaning to my data. And all of them are efficient and powerful, and help me to get some nice conclusions on the hypotheses I have made at the outset.

Dr. Luigi Lucini, LC/MS User,
Institute of Environmental and Agricultural Chemistry and Research,
Centre for Proteomics and Nutrigenomics, University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.