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Agilent MassHunter Software

Make Your Mass Spectrometry More Powerful

Special upgrade promotion:
Agilent MassHunter software

There’s never been a better time to upgrade to the latest MassHunter software for GC/MS and LC/MS systems

Here’s why:

  • MassHunter Acquisition maximizes the performance of the 1260 Infinity II Prime LC
  • MassHunter BioConfirm now delivers relative quantitative results of intact glycoforms and other PTMs with labeled mass spectra
  • Mass Profiler Professional now features improved multi-omics data integration
  • MassHunter Quantitative Analysis software now includes Quant-My-Way, which reduces the time from analysis to reporting across Agilent GC/MS and LC/MS platforms
  • You’ll receive FREE MRM Database updates for three years from date of purchase, allowing you to keep your experiments current with access to the latest content and updated methods
  • Windows 7 support ends January 2020; future-proof your system by moving to Windows 10 Professional
  • You’ll receive a one year Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) with the purchase of the upgrade products
  • MassHunter Acquisition for 6400 Series includes compliance feature enhancements including support for ECM 3.5

MassHunter products eligible for discount

​Product number ​Description
​G1617FA G1701FA ​GCMSD MassHunter SW Upgrade
​G1618FA G1710FA ​GCMSD MassHunter Offline Upgrade
​G1701FA ​GCMSD MassHunter SW Upgrade
​G1710FA ​GCMSD MassHunter Offline Upgrade
​G1733CA ​Standalone pesticide tMRM database
​G1734CA ​Standalone forensic/toxicology tMRM database
​G1735CA ​Standalone vet drug tMRM database
​G3337AA ​MassHunter Workstation for QQQ software upgrade
​G3338AA ​MassHunter Workstation offline software upgrade
​G3849AA ​MassHunter Workstation software for TOF and Q-TOF upgrade
​G3874AA ​MassHunter METLIN metabolite PCDL
​G3876AA ​Standalone forensic/toxicology PCDL
​G3878CA ​Standalone pesticide PCDL
​G3879CA ​Standalone veterinary drug PCDL
​G3892AA ​GC/Q-TOF pesticide PCDL
​G5883CA ​Standalone mycotoxin PCDL
​G6412AA Standalone metabolomics dMRM database
​G6825AA ​Personal METLIN metabolites database
​G6859AA ​MassHunter BioConfirm Upgrade
​G6841AA ​MassHunter GC/MS software upgrade
​G6846AA ​MassHunter GC/MS data analysis upgrade
​G6882CA ​Standalone water screening PCDL
​G6890CA ​Extractables and leachables PCDL
​G9250AA ​Pesticide and environmental pollutant MRM database
​G9274AA ​Mass Profiler Professional (MPP) perpetual upgrade
​G9275AA ​Pathway features for MPP perpetual upgrade
​G9282AA ​Mass Profiler Professional (MPP) concurrent license upgrade
​G9298AA ​Mass Profiler perpetual software upgrade
Upgrade computer bundles (printer not included)
​G1668AA ​MassHunter-ready PC workstation: Ready for any MassHunter-based LC/MS system
​G6842AA ​MassHunter GC/MS software upgrade bundle

Deep discounts available for Agilent MassHunter software customers

Limited-time offer so claim your discount and save now

  • 45% to 60% off MassHunter software products*
  • 50% off MassHunter-ready computer bundles* (Windows 10 Professional included)
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* See the list of eligible products on this page.

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