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Magnis Next-generation Clinical lab

Complete system for NGS preparation

Your lab's automated library preparation solution for NGS

Confidence with the press of a button

Complete system for NGS preparation

Your lab's automated library preparation solution for NGS

New Magnis SureSelect XTHS Reagents - optimized for FFPE samples

Next-generation clinical lab

As personalized medicine becomes the goal for cancer treatment, laboratories are beginning to implement Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) as it allows clinicians to profile samples for various generic aberrations using a single, cost-effective platform.

One of the challenges with implementing NGS in a molecular laboratory is the expertise required to develop, optimize, and validate assay protocols for use in diverse applications. The Agilent Magnis NGS Prep system was designed to run complex NGS library assay with minimal technical knowledge and hands-on time – all with the press of a button.

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Seamless integrated NGS workflow - Bring precision medicine to your lab

Agilent offers reagents and software to support the entire NGS workflow, including quality control, sample preparation, data analysis, and clinical interpretation.

For general sample preparation, Agilent provides reagents to assist with DNA quality control/check through our TapeStation systems, library preparation, target enrichment, and amplification.

For variant and data interpretation, the Agilent Alissa clinical informatics software fulfills clinical-grade genomics data management by streamlining data analysis and variant assessment workflows, from raw reads to draft reports.

Reproducible results - Improve standardization of procedures

Perhaps the biggest challenge for implementing new technologies in labs is ensuring the reproducible quality of the results. Leveraging a fully automated system allows for improved standardization of molecular lab procedures no matter who is running them. In addition, adopting NGS technology requires not only bioinformatics tools to analyze and interpret NGS assay, but also brings challenges in data management.

Complete walkaway system for NGS preparation - Minimal NGS technical knowledge required

The Magnis system is comprised of an instrument, reagents, and protocols. This benchtop instrument self-detects and tunes; the reagents are provided pre-aliquoted; and the system comes with pre-set protocols for Agilent's catalog and custom assay.

The onboard wizard allows assay to be set-up in less than 5 minutes.

Once the Magnis system is running, the LED status indicator will be green allowing you to monitor status easily from a distance.

Fully automated – Improve operational efficiency

Another challenge for laboratories is to retain trained staff to sustain sample throughput and ensure high quality results especially with new, complex assay. With automation, the throughput of laboratories significantly increases, and the amount of hands-on time decreases, reducing potential errors.

The Magnis NGS Prep system is a fully automated solution that requires minimal staff and expertise to run. The onboard wizard allows assay to be set-up in under five minutes. In addition, the system notifies users of reagent placement and status through automated barcode checking. Upon pressing the start button, the user can walk away from the instrument, yet maintain visual progress through the wizard and the LED status indicator.

Ease of content optimization – Meet your lab's specific requirement

If your lab needs something more than the traditional catalog panels, Agilent's SureDesign, a web-based application for creating custom NGS assay, allows you to meet your specific requirements by designing your own panel.

In less than two weeks, with no minimum order requirements, the Agilent proprietary SurePrint oligo manufacturing technology allows users to render these designs into reagent oligonucleotides. You can add or remove genes from an existing catalog panel or create one with just the genes needed. You can now easily create your own custom cancer panel while leveraging wet lab-verified probe sets.

Go to: SureSelect Custom Probes

Agilent CrossLab Silver service plan - Maintain peak performance and minimize workflow disruption

For dependable lab operations and extend your instruments' useful life, the Agilent CrossLab silver service plan helps minimize workflow disruptions and optimize productivity in the lab. You get comprehensive instrument repair and maintenance coverage in a single, convenient plan.

Go to: Crosslab Silver Plans

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Your Lab’s Automated Library Preparation Solution for Next Generation Sequencing

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Seamless comprehensive end-to-end NGS automated workflow

Agilent offers a complete instrument and reagent solution for automating NGS sample preparation. As a result, you can achieve excellent reliability and reproducibility with easy scale-up of your laboratory throughput using reagents, automation, protocols, data analysis and interpretation software, and support from a single source.

Control the quality of your sample first

The Agilent 4150 TapeStation system offers an automated electrophoresis for (FFPE) sample QC. Analysis includes quantification and qualification with quality metrics for DNA Integrity and RNA integrity using two different metrics.

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Detect all cancer-relevant variants in a single assay

The SureSelect Cancer All-In-One solution offers lung and solid tumor assay as well as a custom assay option. You can define your specific genes of interest in an AIO custom assay.

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Call your variants efficiently

Agilent Alissa Clinical Informatics Platform streamlines your data analysis and variant assessment workflows-providing first-class support from raw reads to clinical grade reports.

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