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Learning Café

CrossLab Enterprise Services

A Learning Café
for the Enterprising Lab

Ready to simplify, optimize, and transform your lab?

Improving efficiency. Optimizing resources. Increasing instrument uptime. These goals may seem unreachable amidst hectic days in the lab, but you don’t have to make the journey—or even identify the pathway—on your own. With CrossLab Enterprise Services, your goals become our goals. Our asset management, compliance, operational, and digital capabilities help you identify the most promising developments, implement industry-leading processes, and stay ready for changing regulations. So, you can outpace your competitors and become a benchmark among your peers.

In this Learning Café, you’ll discover what it takes to begin and complete your journey to lab excellence.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us to further discuss any of the topics.

Asset Management

Think that asset management just means keeping your instruments in good working condition? To advance your capabilities and outpace your rivals, you need to think wider and deeper. You also need to consider fleet utilization monitoring, lab-wide strategic sourcing, instrument acquisition strategies, and life-cycle management. A comprehensive asset management program can help you achieve the consistency and flexibility you need to stay productive. And, it allows your scientists to focus on their critical science.

Discover strategies for your lab, and learn how to balance productivity and risk.

Compliance Assurance

When you have confidence that your laboratory is compliant, you can focus on what matters most: your science. Regulatory requirements have key aspects that are the same worldwide, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry where data integrity is a growing area of focus. In particular, your analytical instruments must be qualified, and software must be validated for its intended use. After that, you need to be able to prove that compliance has been maintained through periodic qualification. How your lab addresses these issues can simplify audit preparation and reduce regulatory risk.

Advance your insight into compliance trends.

Operations Expertise

Designing workflows. Training new hires. Maintaining instruments. Balancing the challenge of maintaining throughput while facing limited time and resources.

When it comes to lab operations, your work can feel as if it never ends. Fortunately, by partnering with an industry leader, you can transform your challenges into opportunities and gain actionable insights across people, equipment, and consumables. Advancing your team’s capabilities through education, relying on experts to coordinate lab relocations, and managing resource allocation all allow you to focus more on the critical science.

Elevate your operations capabilities into a strategic strength.

Digital Lab

Increasing instrument productivity can assist you in advancing your lab. More fact-based information obtained in an automated flow allows you to make confident instrument purchasing, maintenance, and scheduling decisions. It’s time to incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) into your day-to-day operations—and gain a better understanding of your lab.

Start your digital transformation.

Enterprise Services Transform Optimize Simplify

Your lab. Your goals. Your journey can start right now.

Asset management, compliance, advancing operations, and enabling digital capability may feel as if they require separate activity streams. But they are all interrelated and contribute toward one goal: helping your lab reach new levels of performance and efficiency by simplifying, optimizing, and transforming processes. So, you can focus on the science.

Want to better understand how these aspects can connect, and what you may need for analytical and business success? Just answer these three quick questions. To keep gaining new ideas, modify your answers and re-use this tool as often as you like.

My responsibilities are focused on:

  • Select one
  • Procurement
  • Lab management
  • Operations management

I have a key goal to:

  • Select one
  • Optimize use of my assets
  • Optimize my service model
  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Balance OpEx and CapEx

I am interested in learning about:

  • Select one
  • Measuring asset utilization
  • Leveraging connected technologies to improve lab performance
  • Harmonized paperless qualification across the Lab
  • Accelerating instrument productive use (CSV, Education, etc.)
  • Lab services
  • Accessing latest technology

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