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Intuvo White Paper

Unlock Your Lab’s Revenue Potential

See just how much return on innovation you stand to gain by investing in Intuvo

The biggest challenges in today’s GC labs can be addressed head on with the new Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC System.

  • Lab managers: Intuvo delivers a greater path to productivity
  • Business owners: Intuvo helps maximize profitability by unlocking revenue potential

Improving Return on Innovation in Gas Chromatography

Our latest white paper illustrates* how the transformational innovations of Intuvo can unlock thousands of dollars in annual incremental savings for your lab:

  • Increase your daily sample runs with ferrule-free direct connections that reduce troubleshooting time
  • Lower your power consumption with the Intuvo direct heating system coupled with an innovative planar column design
  • Reduce system maintenance by eliminating column trimming with Guard Chip technology

* White paper is intended for illustration purposes only, and does not comprise a guarantee.

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See how Intuvo can deliver a much better ROI—Return on Innovation—compared to a conventional GC system.