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Streamline Your GC Workflow - Intuvo 9000 GC System

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Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC System

Dream Bigger

Think there’s no more room for GC innovation?
Think again

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New Intuvo column chemistries: Extend the range of applications you can perform with the Intuvo 9000.

Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC system—
Innovation that drives greater business certainty

Labs have been facing the same challenges for years. Unplanned downtime, time-intensive tasks, and user technical limitations all impact a lab’s ability to deliver data fast—and deliver more to your bottom line.

Intuvo is Agilent’s answer to these challenges. Comprising a fully integrated solution of instrument, consumables, software, and services, Intuvo introduced enabling technologies you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Direct heating, shorter cycle times—planar column design

Why wait for columns to heat up and cool down?

Classic conventional ovens used in most GC systems first heat the air inside the oven, and then transfer the heat to the GC column. Effective… but not efficient.

Intuvo uses direct heating technology—a faster way to do GC. The planar column design enables efficient direct contact conduction heating, eliminating the need for large conventional ovens. Now you can run your methods in less time, in half the space, and using only a fraction of the power.

Fast, confident column changes—click-and-run, ferrule-free connections

Never fuss with ferrules again

Tired of chasing dropped ferrules? Intuvo uses ferrule-free face seals for all fittings within the gas flow path—making it easy to maintain flow path integrity.

What’s more, Intuvo takes the guesswork out of creating leak-free fittings. With just an audible ‘click’, you can create a leak-free seal in under one minute.

An end to column trimming—Guard Chip technology

Protect, don’t repair

Disposable, easy-to-install Guard Chips provide almost a meter of sample flow path just before the Intuvo GC column. So column trimming—and peak shifting—become a thing of the past.

Imagine, a 15-meter column that will always be a 15-meter column!

Improved Inert Flow Path—higher sensitivity, accuracy and reproducibility

Never repeat an analysis again

Flow path inertness is critical for accurate and reproducible analysis of trace levels of active analytes.

The Intuvo Inert Flow Path components provide reliable, consistent inertness that spans the entire flow path.

New compact column design—same robust performance

Easily transfer your existing methods

Intuvo no-trim columns use the same dimensions and materials as existing Agilent GC columns. Their compact, planar design accommodates your existing capillary GC applications with speed and efficiency.

These columns also work hand-in-hand with Guard Chip technology to ensure separation consistency.

Learn more with the Return on Innovation information kit and see how Intuvo can transform your lab.

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information kit

Return on Innovation information kit

See how Intuvo can drive incremental economic value with our new white paper,* Intuvo brochure, and consumables catalog.

* White paper intended for illustration purposes only, and does not comprise a guarantee.

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