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Bond Elut Plexa

Bond Elut Plexa

Bond Elut Plexa offers simple, easy-to-use methods with general purpose extraction mechanisms to simplify SPE. In addition, Plexa provides performance enhancements due to a unique polymeric architecture with a nonretentive, hydroxylated, amide-free surface, and a nonpolar PS-DVB core for retaining small molecules. Binding of proteins and lipids on the polymer surface is minimized, resulting in cleaner samples and reduced ion suppression. Plexa is therefore ideal for high throughput assays requiring validated performance with minimal method development. The standard nonpolar retention mechanism is applicable to almost any analyte type, and the performance features operate at the sample loading step, making them largely independent of method.
Plexa Polymeric SPE is also available in ion exchange SPE formats, Plexa PCX SPE for cation exchange, and Plexa PAX for anion exchange.
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