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Outstanding Analytical Performance Begins With The Best Sample Preparation.

Begin your productivity gains with Agilent Sample Preparation.

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Did you know that the unexpected downtime, time spent on reruns or instrument maintenance often results from the first part of your workflow? Agilent can help you increase your lab productvity with sample preparation solutions, and simplify your sample preparation methods. From particulate removal all the way to the most selective solid phase extraction techniques, the Agilent sample preparation portfolio offers the right solution for your lab and analysis.

Did you know that what you can't see can ruin your productivity?

Lipids can drastically affect your productivity

Read our White Paper and discover how optimizing the first part of your workflow can drastically improve your results and laboratory efficiency.

Reduce downtime caused by lipids

Use our infographic to see how much time you could save using Agilent Captiva EMR–Lipid to quickly and easily remove lipids from your samples, without analytes loss.

Learn how easy it is to simpify your sample prep

Watch our webinar to learn how to improve productivity, data accuracy, and precision in a variety of applications while simplifying your sample preparation.

Did you know that Bond Elut has been the most trusted name in solid phase extraction for over 30 years?

Bond Elut SPE

The Agilent Bond Elut SPE portfolio provides choices of more than 40 sorbents and 30 formats of Bond Elut SPE enabling you to find the best solution for your analysis, whatever your sample type. Sort by sorbent, matrix, or mode.

SPE methodology tool kit

Speed up your method development with the Agilent SPE methodology tool kit. Including a Bond Elut Plexa method development poster and three how-to videos that help you to achieve less variability and more consistent outcomes.

Bond Elut QuEChERS

Agilent Bond Elut QuEChERS kits Agilent Bond Elut QuEChERS kits remove interfering matrix compounds, allowing you to analyze samples for a broad range of pesticides, veterinary drugs, and other analytes of interest.

Did you know that Captiva filtration products range from particulate removal to streamlined protein precipitation workflows?

Captiva filtration

From basic particulate removal to streamlined protein precipitation and selective lipid removal with Captiva EMR-Lipid, Agilent's Captiva portfolio offers a full range of sample filtration solutions.

Order your syringe filter guide

The slide and select guide takes the hassle out of finding the right syringe filter for your application. This handy guide allows you to view by solvent type and pH.

Streamline your sample processing

Do you have too many samples to handle? Watch this video series to learn how you can achieve faster more consistent sample processing using positive pressure manifold processors.

Get the most from your sample preparation with Agilent expertise and education

Simple strategies for complex samples

Access the latest application notes for the multiclass, multiresidue analysis of challenging food matrices.

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Training videos

From the fundamentals of SPE, to simple approaches to method development, Agilent Sample Preparation training videos provide insights to improve your analysis.

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On-demand webinars

Discover which sample preparation techniques are best for food safety, environmental, and biological analysis, with useful tips and tricks to optimize performance and productivity.

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Prevent unplanned downtime in your lab with Agilent CrossLab

Optimized sample preparation is just one way to prevent unplanned downtime in your lab. You can also significantly reduce the frequency and impact of downtime with these five tips to help you prevent it.

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