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5 Tips To Prevent Unplanned Lab Downtime

Five Tips to Prevent Unplanned Downtime

CrossLab expert

Unplanned downtime affects your lab’s ability to deliver data quickly and accurately—which can hurt your bottom line. But the good news is: you can significantly reduce the frequency and impact of downtime.

Don’t skip preventive maintenance

Scheduling regular preventive maintenance maximizes uptime, extends the useful life of your instruments, and increases the accuracy of your results. It can even reduce unexpected repairs by 24%.*

To make it even easier, you can schedule maintenance based on your actual application and instrument with Agilent CrossLab Smart Alerts software.

Optimize your methods

Partner with our CrossLab method and application consultants to find and incorporate hidden method improvements that can increase the value of your system.

Expand your system users’ knowledge and skills

Increasing user skill improves your lab’s throughput and analytical accuracy.
Agilent University offers flexible training for all types of users.

Connect, collaborate, and share insights

Quickly ask and find answers to your questions. Build connections and access exclusive content in the Agilent Community.

Get your system covered

Protect your lab equipment and minimize expensive downtime with a service plan.

Agilent CrossLab: From Insight to Outcome

CrossLab is an Agilent capability to help labs improve efficiency, productivity, and more.

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*Based on a five-year preventive maintenance study of more than 38,000 service calls on Agilent and non-Agilent instruments, conducted by an independent actuarial firm.