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1220 Infinity II LC System

1220 Infinity II LC System

1220 Infinity II LC System

Routine analytical LC at lowest cost of ownership

The 1220 Infinity II LC is an integrated system for routine HPLC and UHPLC analysis in analytical and QA/QC labs. Based on the proven technology of the InfinityLab LC Series, the system's high quality and high performance help you to achieve maximum return on investment and lowest cost of ownership from day one. You can choose from four affordable, "all-in-one" configurations while upgrade paths allow you to increase system capability as your needs change. The walk-up upgrade and software convert the 1220 Infinity II LC into the perfect LC or LC/MS workhorse for a multi-user environment. Almost any InfinityLab LC Series module can be connected to give you maximum flexibility.

View all 1220 Infinity and 1220 Infinity II LC system Application Notes and Technical Overviews using the Application Finder.

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