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Column Modules

Agilent 490 Micro GC column modules arrive pre-configured and factory tested, housed in plug and play GC channels with electronic gas control, injector, narrow-bore column and detector all in one, for fast, high efficiency separations. We have the column module for you whether your application is natural gas/calorific value determination, analysis of simple to complex refinery gases, oil/gas exploration, mud-logging, analysis and quality control of specialty gases, biogas, assessing efficiency for catalyst and fuel cell stacks or air monitoring. Our columns offer high quality and reproducibility and are subject to demanding quality assurance specifications.

  • Plug and play GC channels include electronic gas control, injector, narrow-bore column and detector 
  • Micro-machined parts provide fast, high efficiency separations by minimizing components in the sample flow path 
  • Pre-configured, turnkey column modules offer solutions for a variety of applications ranging from natural gas to mud-logging to biogas and more 
  • Choose from a variety of column phase types including Molsieve, PoraPLOT, CP-Sil and CP-Wax columns 
  • High quality and reproducibility of columns assures quality results 
  • Change applications in the field by just swapping in a new module, don’t have to return to the lab to reconfigure
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