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QuickProbe GC/MS System

QuickProbe GC/MS System

The Agilent QuickProbe GC/MS System enables direct analysis in real time of powders, tablets and liquids with minimal to no sample preparation, in under a minute. Designed for forensic seized drug laboratories facing large sets of samples and growing caseloads, QuickProbe is the perfect solution to maximize lab productivity.

Agilent QuickProbe is unique in its combination of real time analysis using a direct insertion probe, with ultra fast GC separation, followed by mass spectrometry analysis and confident compound identification using a NIST library. Separation within the QuickProbe column prior to MS analysis helps to resolve compounds in a mixture and prevents ion source contamination. What’s more, QuickProbe can be used on your lab’s GC/MS system, without changes to the existing GC or GC column.

For Forensic Use.

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