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GC/MS Ion Sources & Inlets

Technologies for Enhanced GC/MS Analysis

Some of the most exciting Agilent innovations in GC/MS are in two key areas: sample introduction and ionization. Flexible GC inlet options leverage the power of GC/MS for more application areas. Similarly, the range of GC/MS ion sources is designed to push the capability, performance, and reliability of your analyses even further.

Agilent GC/MS ion sources are available in a variety of ionization modes for best performance in any matrix. The Agilent JetClean ion source for GC/MS significantly increases instrument uptime by reducing the need for frequent manual source cleaning. Prevent disruptions from helium shortages and overcome chromatographic inefficiencies with Agilent HydroInert source for use with hydrogen as a carrier gas.

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Featured Literature

Applying Hydrogen Carrier Gas to Real-World GC/MS Analyses

This technical overview evaluates the application of the Agilent HydroInert source to Agilent Inert Plus GC/MS analyses.

Discover the Possibilities with Mass Spectrometry Intelligence 7000E and 7010C Triple Quadrupole GC/MS

Meet the Agilent 7000E and 7010C triple quadrupole GC/MS systems. The 7000E provides robust, day-in, day-out performance, while the 7010C is designed for analyses that demand the lowest limits of detection.

Discover the Possibilities. Agilent 5977C GC/MSD

Meet the Agilent 5977C GC/MSD. The 5977C is designed to provide robust, day-in, day-out performance so you can focus on what matters.

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Instrument Detection Limit (IDL)

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Agilent Announces New Revolutionary Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers at ASMS 2022

The Agilent 6475 triple quadrupole LC/MS system, 5977C GC/MSD, plus the 7000E GC/TQ and the 7010C GC/TQ represent the latest revolution in Agilent’s 50-plus year history in mass spectrometry. The new LC/TQ and GC/TQ products offer built-in instrument intelligence to simplify lab operations. The new GC/SQ and GC/TQ products with the HydroInert source help customers overcome key performance challenges with Hydrogen carrier gas.

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