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GC/MS DRS Pesticides Screener

GC/MS DRS Pesticides Screener

Analysts routinely use GC/MS methods for pesticides analysis, especially to quantitate of large numbers of targets in complex matrices. Based on the 7890 GC and 5977A MSD, the GC/MS Pesticide Analyzer addresses residue analysis in environmental and food samples. CFT backflush shortens cycle time, reduces chemical background, and optimizes uptime. Deconvolution Reporting Software (DRS), and a Pesticides and Endocrine Disruptors database increase the number of targets screened. Prior to delivery preset methods and chemical checkout verify chromatography and lock retention times facilitating installation and on-site verification of chromatographic performance. The GC/MS Pesticide Analyzer reduces time for method development allowing your team to focus on calibration, validation and analysis of real world samples.

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