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GC/MS Application Solutions

Application-Specific GC/MS Solutions

GC/MS databases, libraries, and analyzers help you get the most from your Agilent GC/MS systems. Quickly implement targeted screening workflows using optimized MRM transitions from comprehensive GC/MS MRM databases. Use our mass spectral libraries for simplified, more reliable interpretation of your suspect screening results.

Enable easy comparison between instruments with RTL mass spectral libraries that have been acquired using retention time locking. Workflow kits combine MRM databases or PCDLs with methods and comprehensive workflow guides for fast setup of your specific application. GC/MS analyzers are factory configured and tested analytical systems that include methods, databases, hardware, and consumables, ready to run your samples.

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Featured Literature

Analyzer Solutions Guide for the Energy and Chemical Industry

In this guide, you will find Agilent's complete energy and chemical analyzer portfolio.

A Fast and Robust GC/MS/MS Analysis of 203 Pesticides in 10 Minutes in Spinach

This application note describes two approaches for achieving robust, multiresidue pesticide analysis in 10 minutes by GC/MS/MS.

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Agilent Announces New Revolutionary Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers at ASMS 2022

The Agilent 6475 triple quadrupole LC/MS system, 5977C GC/MSD, plus the 7000E GC/TQ and the 7010C GC/TQ represent the latest revolution in Agilent’s 50-plus year history in mass spectrometry. The new LC/TQ and GC/TQ products offer built-in instrument intelligence to simplify lab operations. The new GC/SQ and GC/TQ products with the HydroInert source help customers overcome key performance challenges with Hydrogen carrier gas.

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Pesticide Analyzers & Application Kits
Food & Beverage Testing
GC/MS Pesticide Analysis

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