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GC/MS Application Solutions

Application-Specific GC/MS Solutions

Agilent GC/MS analyzers and libraries help you get the most from your Agilent GC/MS systems. Whether you’re just getting started and need extra help or want a boost to develop your own optimized and robust methods, we have the application solution for you.

Quickly implement targeted screening workflows without extensive method development using optimized MRM transitions from comprehensive GC/MS MRM databases. GC/MS personal compound databases and libraries (PCDLs) are mass spectral libraries with rich metadata like compound class descriptions, regulation tags, and references, making the interpretation of your suspect screening results simpler and more reliable. Application-specific workflow kits combine MRM databases or PCDLs with methods and comprehensive workflow guides for fast setup. GC/MS analyzers are ready-to-run, factory configured and tested analytical systems that include methods, databases, hardware, and consumables.

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