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The right columns and supplies
can improve laboratory economics.

The Agilent CrossLab capability includes an industry-leading portfolio of columns and supplies to help you optimize your Agilent and non-Agilent instrument performance, paired with consultative expertise to help you improve productivity and run your lab efficiently.

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CrossLab is an Agilent capability that integrates services, consumables and lab-wide resource management to help laboratories improve efficiency, optimize operations, increase instrument uptime, develop user skill and more.

Innovation that improves your analytical results, and your
productivity for GC, GCMS and LC, LCMS


Improve Productivity in Your GC Lab

Maintaining an inert flowpath and ensuring leak-free connections are the first steps to improving analytical results and reducing time-consuming rework.



Improve Productivity in Your LC Lab

Help everyone get great results with fingertight leak-proof fittings, robust high efficiency columns…. and more.




Optimize Analytical Performance in Your ICP-OES Lab

Useful tools and tips to support you, from sample introduction through analysis.



Improve Performance in Your ICP-MS Lab

Maintenance advice and other resources to help you get the best ICP-MS analytical performance.


Method and Applications Support


Let Us Help You Improve Your Method

Request a call from a chromatography expert to help you improve productivity, method robustness and/or analytical results.

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