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Overcome your ICP-OES challenges with Agilent ICP-OES solutions

Agilent provides a complete ICP-OES solution from preparing your samples through analysis and reporting your results, helping you to improve your laboratory performance and productivity.

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Solve your ICP-OES challenges, with innovative sample introduction components and supplies, certified standards, filtration options to reduce blockage, and maintenance tips to help improve your laboratory performance and sample output. Agilent provides everything you need for a complete ICP-OES solution so you can achieve an improved, trouble-free workflow for maximum productivity.

Are you confident that your ICP-OES methods are delivering accurate results?

How to be sure about the quality of your calibration data

Reduce errors and preparation time when preparing your calibration standards by ordering custom standards with your desired element mix.

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Selecting the right torch

It’s not always easy to know which torch type you should be using. This guide will help you quickly choose the right torch to suit your application and instrument.

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Develop the optimum maintenance procedure

Learn how to develop a maintenance procedure that masters the balancing act between wasted resources and unplanned instrument downtime.

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Do you need to improve your data quality and sample throughput?

Get extra sensitivity and lower reporting limits

Find out how the OneNeb nebulizer increases sensitivity, reduces blockages, and delivers lower detection limits.

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Are blockages in your nebulizer reducing your uptime?

Each nebulizer has different performance characteristics, and using the right ICP-OES nebulizer for your application will ensure you reduce risk of unplanned downtime. To help you choose the right nebulizer, we have summarized the performance characteristics here

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Maintain your ICP-OES sensitivity with proper torch maintenance

Torch blockages can reduce sensitivity, degrade accuracy, and even lead to torch damage and melting. Download the technical guide - Simple Steps for Clearing a Blocked Injector in Your ICP-OES Torch

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How can you improve your sample analysis workflow to boost sample throughput?

How to switch between conventional analysis and hydride determinations?

Find out how to eliminate switching and achieve simultaneous analysis of hydride and routine elements to save setup and analysis time.

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Managing sample transfers

Discover how to improve sample preparation efficiency by using the same vessel for digestion, filtration, and analysis.

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What's in that sample? Using Intelliquant on the 5110 ICP-OES

Agilent's 5110 ICP-OES has many powerful tools including a semi-quantitative tool called Intelliquant. Learn how to get the most out of Intelliquant on your 5100 or 5110 ICP-OES.

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Achieve more from your ICP-OES instrument with Agilent education

Need a step-by-step guide on how to maintain ICP-OES?

Download the technical guide - Maximize Your ICP-OES Instrument Performance and Uptime to enhance your lab competency and avoid unplanned downtime.

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Need expert advice about common ICP-OES problems and how to address them?

Find out how the Agilent Community can help you collaborate with other ICP-OES users about applications, exchange tips, and find in-depth documents and videos relevant to Agilent ICP-OES.

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Need help to enhance staff proficiency and improve productivity in your lab?

Find out how you or your staff can acquire the expert knowledge they need to boost productivity in your lab, with convenient training options to fit your needs.

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Complete your ICP-OES solution with the Agilent 5110 ICP-OES, which combines industry leading performance, speed, and ease-of-use for maximum productivity. Find out more by downloading the Agilent information kit and overcome your ICP-OES challenges today. See what the revolutionary performance can do for you.

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