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Microplate offer
Cellular metabolism shouldn't be viewed as a complicated workflow, especially with Agilent's new MitoXpress and pH-Xtra assays. They use a familiar plate reader workflow so you don't have to learn a new language. You can use the media you know, the microplates in which you cultured your cells, and plug these assays into your lab's (or at least a neighboring lab's) existing plate reader. ​
Everything You Need To Get Started​
Pick your assay, select your plate reader, and download all the collateral you need to get started. From setting up your plate reader, to step-by-step protocols, material checklists, and software for simple data interpretations, we have everything you need to get started.
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Make your selections and download documentation for your assay and plate reader.

MitoXpress & pH-Xtra reagents
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Learn more about our reagents for real-time metabolism analysis.​
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