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Storage Vials & Storage Caps

Storage Vials & Storage Caps

Storage vials are a convenient and secure way of storing sample volumes from 4 mL to 40 mL. Agilent storage vials are available in either clear and amber and made using premium Type 1 borosilicate glass materials. The high-quality materials limit sample adulteration caused by excessive metal leeching from the vial glass surface. The associated caps are lined with PTFE or PTFE/silicone to restrict impurity contamination. Agilent storage vial kits offer a high level of chemical resistance.

40 mL vials are popular sample storage vials. 40 mL amber glass vials are most often used in the environmental market segment for onsite sample collection. 4 mL vials are the smallest size in the range. These storage vials are sometimes used for higher volume sampling and can fit into some autosampler trays when 22 mL vials are not large enough. The closed cap is recommended for long-term storage while the open cap option is ideal for sampling and can be positioned either in an autosampler tray or standalone on a laboratory bench when carrying out sample preparation activities. The contents of the kit are encompassed in a transportable cardboard shell containing separate packages of shrink-wrapped storage vials and a sealed and reusable LDPE (low-density polyethylene) bag of caps. All kits are manufacturing in a clean environment for added confidence.

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