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Gain Confidence in Sample Containment using Agilent Autosampler Vials

Autosampler vials are designed to carry your sample matrices into your GC or HPLC instrument via the autosampler. Agilent's autosampler vials include a wide range of HPLC vials and GC vials designed and optimized to work with Agilent autosamplers & HPLC, GC platforms. These HPLC and GC vials are available as snap, screw or crimp in style, 15uL to 20 mL in sample size, and various of low bleed and high-quality material composition.

For GC, GC/MS applications where sample matrices contain volatile or semi-volatile analytes of interest, the most common choice are crimp style vials to limit sample contents from leaking from the vial/closure combination.

For LC, LC/MS applications, sample matrices tend to be less volatile. With limited sample loss, most customers often consider screw vials or snap vials and associated screw vial caps and snap vial caps.

Not only can Agilent's autosampler vials be used in Agilent instruments but are also compatible with a broad range of competitor autosamplers as well. Find the right vials quickly and easily using our online selection tool and autosampler/vial compatibility chart in the Tools section below.

Autosampler Vials for HPLC & GC

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