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High Recovery Vials & Vial Inserts

300 µL screw top vial with pulled point fixed insert

High Recovery Vials & Vial Inserts

Agilent's broad range of high recovery vials (also referred to as high recovery HPLC vials) are the vial of choice when working with limited sample volumes but not wanting to manually combine a standard 2 mL vial with a separate vial insert. Our portfolio also includes HPLC vial inserts that can be used with any 2mL vial for limited volume samples.

Using Agilent high recovery vials or HPLC vial inserts ensures you extract the maximum possible amount of your precious sample from the autosampler needle. Agilent vial inserts and high recovery vials are appropriate for HPLC and GC instrument platforms across a wide variety of applications, including pharmaceutical, environmental, energy and fuels, forensics, materials science, biopharmaceutical, proteomics, and metabolomics.

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