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2 mL Snap Top Vials & Snap Caps

2 mL Snap Top Vials & Snap Caps

Snap top vials and snap caps are a sample containment solution for nonvolatile liquid samples.

No crimpers, decappers, or other tools are required when using snap top vials. Snap top vials enable the user to hold both the pipette and snap cap in one hand and the snap cap vial in the other when pipetting, making them more convenient than other vial types. 11 mm snap cap vials are compatible with standard 11 mm snap caps with an 11 mm internal diameter. Snap caps come with a variety of septum combinations including PTFE/silicone, solid polyethylene, polyurethane, and polyethylene olefin.

Snap top vials are recommended for use with nonvolatile matrices that do not require an extra-secure seal. They are often used for HPLC, in pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals (deactivated glass options), and other associated market segments.

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