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Electronic Vial Crimpers & Decappers

Electronic Vial Crimpers & Decappers

An electronic vial crimper, sometimes known as an automatic vial crimper, is a vial crimping tool used to seal vials for sample containment. Agilent crimpers and decappers are recommended for most applications. Automatic crimpers are designed to optimize performance in high-throughput laboratories where sampling volumes are higher and multiple users are involved.

A-Line electronic vial crimpers, vial decappers, and accessories are designed to deliver tight, reproducible seals. Agilent offers a high-power electronic crimper for bi-metal or steel vial crimp caps. Slim, adjustable steel jaws fit around closely spaced crimp vials, enabling you to crimp vials directly in vial trays or vial racks. Our automated vial crimpers offer improved crimping performance when compared to a manual crimper, an OLED screen in multiple languages, and a brushless motor for a longer usable life.

Agilent automatic vial decappers remove crimp caps quickly for easy disposal. They are ideal for labs that recycle or re-use vials. Choose from a full range of decappers to support the removal of 11 mm crimp caps from 2 mL vials or the removal of the larger sized 20 mm crimp cap from 10 and 20 mL headspace vials. High-power automatic vial decappers are recommended for crimp caps made from bi-metal or steel materials.

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