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Handheld manual and electronic crimpers and decappers

The Agilent vial decapper and vial crimper range includes electronic and manual crimpers and decappers, in 11 mm and 20 mm sizes. The 20 mm vial cap crimper is known as a headspace vial crimper.

A-Line electronic crimpers are designed for vial caps made from bi-metals or steel and offer improved crimping performance, an OLED screen in multiple languages, and a brushless motor promoting a longer lifetime.

Agilent handheld manual vial crimpers and vial decappers offer an economical, lightweight, and ergonomically designed alternative to automated crimpers. A consistent crimp is based on the user's ability to control/adjust when crimping or decapping. The slim, adjustable steel jaws fit around closely spaced vials, enabling you to crimp vials directly within vial trays. Manual vial crimpers and vial decappers are designed for aluminum closures.

Vial Crimpers & Decappers

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