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FRG-700/FRG-702 Full Range Pirani Inverted Magnetron Gauge

FRG-700/FRG-702 Full Range Pirani Inverted Magnetron Gauge

The Agilent FRG-700 gauge is a full range gauge that provides two measuring technologies in a single, compact and economic package to measure process and base pressure from 3.8 x 10-9 Torr to atmosphere (5 x 10-9 to 1013 mbar). The single, compact unit with one logarithmic analog output signal, significantly reduces the complexity of installation, setup, and integration. The benefits of this combination gauge are reduced cost and a marked reduction in valuable space requirements.

The FRG-702 is the all-metal version of the FRG-700, incorporating a metal-sealed feedthrough. It can be operated at higher temperatures (max. 150°C at flange) than the FRG-700 (max. 55°C at flange).

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