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TSP Ambient Shield and Cryopanel

TSP Ambient Shield and Cryopanel

The TSP Ambient Shield and Cryopanel are designed for use with the TSP cartridge source. Both products offer a large surface area for sputtered titanium. The cryopanel (cryoshroud) is designed to be used with water cooling, liquid nitrogen, or uncooled if used at UHV/XHV. If cooling is not practical or desired, the Ambient Shield has higher pumping speed when compared to an uncooled cryopanel.

Use the Ambient Shield or Cryopanel in combination with the TSP cartridge to increase pumping speed for active gases and reach UHV/XHV faster. The Ambient Shield offers high pumping speeds for reactive gases. At very low pressures, the largest residual gas load is hydrogen, which is more effectively pumped when the sublimated titanium is at the lower temperature provided by the cryoshroud.

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