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VacIon Plus 20 Pump

VacIon Plus 20 Pump

VacIon Plus 20 Pump

The Agilent VacIon Plus 20 pump is a medium-sized 20 L/s ion pump. It is ideal for a wide range of ultrahigh and extreme high vacuum applications for academic and high-energy physics (HEP) research, and medical equipment use for imaging and radiation therapy.

This pump is available with a diode element for general use, and StarCell and Noble Diode elements when a gas mixture is being pumped. The patented StarCell element handles high amounts of noble gases and hydrogen and provides the highest speed and capacity for methane, argon, and helium. Customer-selected options like element type, integral heaters, and high-voltage feedthroughs are available for easy system integration and consistent particle-free UHV pumping performance.

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