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IPCMini Ion Pump Controller

IPCMini Ion Pump Controller

IPCMini Ion Pump Controller

The Agilent IPCMini is a modern 1/4-rack ion pump controller with 3.5” touch screen display. The IPCMini can operate pumps up to 500 L/s pumps with 40W of power. With I/O response time of <30 msec (typical) and 1 nA of current resolution, it is suitable when a quick trigger and an accurate pressure reading are required, even at low pressure. The Intelligent Step (iSTEP) voltage function selects the proper operating voltage to start even large pumps at low pressure and maintain accurate pressure readings in UHV/XHV region.

The HV button and interlock make IPCMini safe and reliable. The resistive touch panel has an intuitive display that can be easily read from a distance.

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