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4UHV Ion Pump Controller

4UHV Ion Pump Controller

4UHV Ion Pump Controller

The Agilent 4UHV Ion Pump Controller enables you to power, control, and monitor up to four ion pumps simultaneously and independently. The 4UHV starts and controls ion pumps of any type (diode, noble diode, StarCell, triode) and size (from 2 to 2,500 L/s). A large four-line LCD display allows simultaneous reading of individual pump voltage, current, and pressure.

Select the 4UHV if you are running 1–4 Agilent, Varian, or other ion pumps. It features preprogrammed pump configurations for Agilent pumps along with programmable outputs for operation of any other ion pump. STEP voltage and IProtect ensure optimum pumping speed and pressure reading from starting pressure to XHV.

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