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Special Stains Kits

High-quality RTU stain kits enabling consistent special stains.

Our unique and extensive portfolio of high-quality, ready-to-use Artisan Special Stains Kits covers a variety of panels to aid the identification of tissue structures and microorganisms to support the evaluation of tissue specimens. We offer multiple automated histology special stains including PAS, Giemsa, GMS, Iron, Trichrome, Warthin-Starry, and many more.

Optimized, yet editable staining protocols can be customized to meet your needs while ensuring consistency of results. The ready-to-use Artisan Stain Kits are provided in closed reagent cartridges providing precision dispensing of reagents for optimal staining quality. Artisan reagent cartridges are designed for usage right out of the box, minimizing setup time and reducing exposure to hazardous chemicals. Reagent barcoding enables the system to track reagent use and expiry. The Artisan solution enables high-quality special stains with operator safety in mind, to achieve optimal results with ease.

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