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Artisan Link Pro. The consistent, safe and easy choice for special stains.

Known to be the world’s first advanced, fully automated solution for special stains, the Artisan Link Pro Special Staining System is designed to help pathology labs enhance performance and deliver accurate results for diagnostic confidence.

Artisan Link Pro Special Staining System is a unique and complete solution optimized for special histochemical staining. With its intuitive user interface and integrated software, it automates the special staining process from drying and deparaffinization through to finished slides.

The extensive portfolio of ready-to-use Artisan special stains kits and preoptimized, editable protocols enable laboratories to automate even complex special stains with minimal user interaction to deliver consistent, clear staining, every single time.

The Artisan Link Pro solution is a combination of the Artisan Link Pro Special Staining System, high-quality ready-to-use special stains kits, accessories, a computer with DakoLink software, report printer, slide label printer and Premium Service & Support.

Automated Special Staining

A true walk-away solution for multiple special stains

Special Staining Accessories

Ready-to-use Artisan special stains accessory products

Special Stains Kits

High-quality RTU stain kits enabling consistent special stains.