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WalkUp Software

Submit samples via the Rapid Sample Submission user interface

WalkUp Software

Agilent WalkUp Software makes the complex simple. Users walk up to a LC or LC/MS system, identify themselves, input basic sample information, choose from a list of analytical methods or purification workflows, and are prompted where to place their samples. Results are sent by e-mail when sample runs are completed. This simplified mass spec software enables easy access for multiple users to the power and precision of LC and LC/MS.

The user-friendly WalkUp interface enables fast, intuitive, and error-free operation not only of LC, low-resolution LC/MS, UV and mass-directed fraction collection systems, but also of high-resolution mass spectrometers typically operated by specialists. WalkUp minimizes time spent in the lab while optimizing instrument utilization for users of shared instruments. Multiple instruments can be networked through an OpenLab Shared Services Server to allow monitoring and administration from anywhere at any time.

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