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MassHunter Explorer

Quickly draw critical insights from complex data

MassHunter Explorer

MassHunter Explorer makes nontargeted analysis faster and smarter by seamlessly combining advanced data extraction with statistical analysis and identification procedures. Statistically significant results can be achieved quickly and efficiently through advanced analytical techniques and powerful algorithms, conveniently guided by intuitive navigation and extensive data visualization. MassHunter Explorer is ideal for LC/Q-TOF applications like food, environmental, and metabolomics analyses, where finding compounds unique to a sample or a group of samples is required.

A workflow-guided, simplified user interface allows users to quickly derive significant information and reach clarity from complex data in a wide variety of applications. Processing speed is dramatically increased by employing sophisticated algorithms and linked data extraction. The project-based approach allows easy setup and transferability for beginners, and significantly fast-tracks the workflow for experienced analysts.

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