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BioConfirm Software

MassHunter BioConfirm for Your Lab​

BioConfirm Software

Agilent MassHunter BioConfirm software enables routine characterization of biomolecules through easy-to-use workflows for oligonucleotide analysis, intact protein analysis, peptide mapping, and routine glycan profiling. This biopharma software for LC/Q-TOF is part of a comprehensive solution for mass spectrometry analysis of biopharmaceutical products such as monoclonal antibodies and oligonucleotides. With advanced security features and built-in technical controls, BioConfirm Networked Workstation minimizes security risks while helping to preserve data integrity.

From automated sample preparation to separation and detection through to data analysis and reporting, the Agilent biopharma workflow provides highly sophisticated analyses. Tools like the drug-to-antibody ratio (DAR) calculator, flexible report templates, and integrated operation with MassHunter WalkUp bring expert LC/MS capabilities to nonexperts.

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