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InfinityLab Reversed Phase Prep

InfinityLab Reversed Phase Prep

Any purification campaign centers around three objectives – yield, purity, and throughput. InfinityLab reversed phase preparative high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns are optimized to help achieve your goals. Available in a variety of media, including Pursuit XRs with high loading capacity, ZORBAX with diverse selectivity, or Poroshell 120 with high speed and efficiency these columns offer a suitable fit for your purification needs. InfinityLab preparative LC columns are available in 21.2 mm and 30 mm internal diameters and easily scale from analytical dimensions.

Long column lifetimes reduce costs and minimize rework. By using proprietary packing for process for robust, predictable performance, InfinityLab prep HPLC columns offer excellent stability and lifetime.

To minimize sample and solvent waste, purification workflows typically start with analytical method development or screening. When it is time to scale up to prep HPLC, reliability and predictability are key. InfinityLab reversed phase preparative HPLC columns achieve the same robustness, reliability, quality and separation power as Agilent analytical columns. This means you can scale your method without surprises.

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