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Bond Elut Lipid Extraction

Bond Elut Lipid Extraction

Bond Elut Lipid Extraction SPE 1 mL cartridges and 2 mL 96-well plates provide highly selective and efficient extraction of lipids for lipid analysis, lipid profiling, and lipidomics workflows. Featuring unique EMR-Lipid sorbent technology, these SPE products combine size exclusion and hydrophobic interactions to exclusively trap and isolate lipids which can then be effectively eluted from the cartridge or well plate. A wash step is implemented in between sample loading and lipid elution to wash off additional matrix interferences.

In lipid analysis, effective sample preparation is critical to isolating lipids from any additional co-extractives. There are significant sacrifices made when using traditional LLE methods, including method reproducibility, researchers' time and effort, and the requirement for more samples to achieve statistically reliable results. With Bond Elut Lipid Extraction 1 mL cartridge and 2 mL 96-well plate SPE formats, you can easily achieve more reproducible and streamlined sample preparation for lipid analysis and reduce the need for precious research samples for evaluation. In addition, the 2 mL 96-well plate format promotes an automated workflow for lipid analysis.

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